Factors To Consider When Constructing A Poultry House.

Poultry houses can be constructed out of a variety of materials and can be made into endless configurations. Chicken house construction is not difficult as long as the preplanning is done right. There are certain aspects of building the chicken house that should be considered when looking at designs. Below are 10 essential things that need to be considered whether purchasing or building the chicken house in order for the poultry house to be a success.

(1)The first thing to consider is the size and space needed and the space that is available.
(2)The location of the house. Be considerate of neighbors as there will be some odor and noise from the chicken house. Chickens should have shade and be out of the wind. The house should be in a location that is dry.
(3)What is the reason for raising chickens. The most common reasons are meat and eggs. The type of chicken raised will directly impact the size, location and type of chicken house.
(4)What are the best chicken breeds for the climate in which they will be raised. Some chickens weather different climate better that others. Make sure to conduct research into breeds before purchasing.
(5)There must be enough room in the coop for nesting boxes ( a good size is 1’x1’x1′), roosts (one square foot of roosting space for each chicken) and an area for food and water away from any roosting areas.
(6)There must be enough room in the coop for each chicken. A good estimate is 4 sq. ft per bird.
(7)Make sure there is some consideration for a run or outdoor space for the chickens to exercise and have access to fresh air.
(8)If the coop is to be a winter home for the chickens it will have to be insulated and protected from the wind. Birds also need light so there should be some consideration for windows.
(9)Ventilation will have to installed to vent the heat, odor and gasses naturally produced by chickens and their feces.
(10)The chickens will need protection from predators so the house will have to be secure.