Building A Sick Day Kit

College students really have the life. For five days a week, they get up, go to class for a few hours and then usually come home and just hang out or nap. The responsibility required to do everything you need to get done at college is slim to nil, but what happens when the undergrad needs to take care of himself or herself? What happens when college students get sick?

Usually, a college kid will just stay in bed until they feel better, but that isnt exactly the best way to deal with sickness. For that, you need a sick day first aid kit. Now a sick day kit is no ordinary box of health care supplies it is a kit that needs to be loaded to the brim with the best medicine and tools available to deal with a whiny college student.

To start, definitely get a normal first aid kit with all of fixings like bandages, ointments and other such amenities. These are always useful around the dorm as it is and may be of use to you on a sick day. Heres what you need to add to be prepared for the next time you cant even move out of bed:

– Benadryl Benadryl will be great if you have rashes or any kind of allergic reaction or swelling. If you feel fine, you dont want to be walking around with a huge lip or rash on your arm, so take some of this.
– Dramamine Really helpful if you cant stop vomiting. Youre going to need this if you pick up any of the normal college stomach viruses.
– Tylenol or Advil If youve been coughing all night, your head is going to kill in the morning, so have some of this around.

In worst case scenarios, you could have a daytime style medicine to try and make it through the day with that nasty cough, but why bother? Always remember to go to health services or another medical care provider if youre sick, even if you have an awesome sick day kit. They know what theyre doing.