Arguments For Building A Second Toilet

There are many reasons for people to decide to build a second toilet, and here are five of the best arguments for you to consider if it is something you are thinking about:

1. A second toilet can work really well if you have a spare cloakroom or walk-in wardrobe so long as there is enough room to move around. Cloakroom suites can look great, despite the compact size. It is important to ensure however that you keep your cloakroom suite basic and don’t add lots of shelving units and storage – you want to feel comfortable whilst using it!

2. If you find there is always someone in the bathroom when you need it, a second toilet is something you should certainly consider. A second toilet will surely cut down on any arguments that may occur over the usage of the bathroom.

3. If you want to add some value to your home, a second toilet is a must. Buyers love this feature and are willing to pay more should you have more than one toilet.

4. Large bathrooms can very often be split into two, so if your bathroom is large, this is something you should think about.

5. Finally, you may have a room that you don’t use too much. The size of the room is not important as, already stated; cloakrooms can work excellently as second toilets. Converting a room into a second toilet can be costly, so you should also take some of the previously stated arguments into account.