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How Did Women Start Wearing Jewellery

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If you are fond of sterling silver jewellery, silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings then do not worry about your habit. In fact, women have been known to love wearing jewellery and will continue to do so even years later.

Women have been adorning jewellery which is known as the oldest form of body adornment. In fact, over 100,000 years ago both men and women used to wear seashells. The history of jewellery is extremely fascinating and is interesting to read too. Lets understand how the evolution of jewellery took place and how it encroached into the lifestyle of both men and women. It played a significant role in shaping up the society and is an integral part of the culture of civilisations of all ages.

A remarkable discovery in Asia in 2006 was an incredible find that humans and researches unravelled from the site. These beads created from Nassarius shells dated back to 100,000 to 130,000 years old. This revelation confirmed that humans have been decorating their body by adorning jewellery made from materials of all kinds. In fact, studies report that there have been several instances when beads of different textures and hues were unveiled alongside remains of human bodies. These materials were varied in size and texture that reflected on the fact that these were not just purely used for commercial purposes like form of currency but were rather incorporated in decorative usage. This discovery however suggested that the oldest known beads discovered in Africa, stated to be over 25,000 years old are not so ancient. Those beads unravelled in Africa too were regarded as being used in purely decorating the body and ensemble.

This emphasises the fact that, decorative pieces of jewellery has been incorporated into an art by inducing into unique items. These ornaments have been used extensively, by men and women through all ages. It is an intricate part of a widespread practise all over the world. Hence when you find jewellery made from natural materials like wood, bone and stone remember that these are the descendants from the exquisite collection of jewels that humans posses and created during the ancient times.

Researchers however believe that the jewellery industry at present dates back to about 300 to 500 years ago. It was in ancient Egypt, that jewellery was used as a luxuries item to be worn over attires to make them look more elegant. In Egypt itself, human civilisation adopted the usage of metals to create beautiful ornaments, a leap from the natural substances that were used previously. The property of metals was a major factor that skilled craftsmen incorporated to compose stunning designs adorned by kings and Queens at that time. Exquisite designs can be created over these metals such that the art began to spread to other cities like Mesopotamia, commonly known as Iraq at present.
By the advent of 1500 BC, ancient Greeks began to be use gold and precious gemstones extensively, to carve beautiful jewellery. Bronze jewellery was however regarded as common piece of jewellery. In fact, jewellery crafted from gold and silver began to be considered as expensive and the most elegant jewellery to adorn. Ancient Egyptians were the ones who created superior quality jewellery from gold due to its simplicity which enabled them to carve elegant designs easily. Thus gradually gold became the symbol of luxury and elegance. It was regarded as a metal with immense value and power in the Egyptian kingdom.

Since silver has to be transported into Egypt, the metal got immense recognition in the areas like ancient Greece and Roman Italy due to its huge availability. This was however possible only in 31BC when the reign of Cleopatra and Anthony fell with the battle of Actium against the Romans. Expert goldsmiths of Egypt however received inexpensive silver that was hugely available to be incorporated in creating jewellery and other household items. With the advent of the medieval ages the art of jewellery making spread across several places like Ancient Greece, Rome, Middle East, Europe, and even as far as Britain. Both gold and to some extend silver remained the favourite metal of their choice.
Certain items like the jewellery clasps and brooches were items of necessity which prevented the robes of Gladiators in Rome from falling off. These pieces of items became symbols of power, influence and prosperity with nobles trying their best to outdo each other with more and more elaborate pieces to adorn over their ensemble. Handmade belts and rings in gold and silver were extremely popular among the rich and wealthy. These items were encrusted with precious gems and stones.

Sterling Silver Jewellery started gaining more popularity by the 17th century. In fact, with the 19th century, the line of jewellery attained an exquisite position in the fashion industry worldwide.

Flexibility of Condominiums in Providing what their Residents Needs

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One of the most popular types of residential real estate in the philippines today are condominiums. Part of what made it popular, according to many Filipinos, is because of its flexibility in which these types of housings can easily offer their residents different advantages that will cater to their specific needs.

Flexibility of Condominiums One of the many advantages of living in a condominium is that residents are given the luxury of living within walking distance from their workplaces. This is because most of these types of housings are found mostly in business and commercial districts, such as in Makati City.

Because of its location, many of its residents found the right type of housing which they can take advantage of, which allows them to live close from their workplaces, making it easier to get to their jobs while avoiding the usual hassles of rush hour.

However, other its location, condominiums are also the only types of housings found in the middle of a busy district that can offer residents amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, gym, as well as a sports complex which aims to lessen the stresses that their residents are usually going through in their work or to provide a relaxing avenue for them to “hang-out”.

But other than the types of condominiums found in these locations, there are also other condominiums that are found far from these cities, which are mostly found around the outskirts of Metro Manila as well as in many popular provinces. These types of condominiums are known as condominium complexes.

A Condominium for the Family What made condominiums a popular type of residential real estate in the philippines is because of its flexibility that allowed Filipinos who requires the location they needed to easily access their workplaces, as well as a location where they can relax and enjoy living outside the busy streets of the city. This is where condominium complexes came into place.

The disadvantage of condominiums in the city is that its lack of facilities that can accommodate the needs of growing children, such as wide open spaces for running, playgrounds, and parks. This is the reason why condominium complexes were established in the Philippines, which aims to offer the kinds of environment that growing children requires in their growth.

The advantage of living in a condominium complex is its environment, which mostly involves peaceful surroundings, wide-open spaces, as well as facilities that offers a chance for children to play safely such as recreational parks and playgrounds.

The only disadvantage of these types of residential real estate in the philippines is that its location is usually too far from the city, which made it harder for its residents to get back to their workplaces.

How To Select The Condominium For You

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Buying a condominium is one of the great investments whether it’s for your own use or as a rental property. The choice of a condominium that meets your needs will be influenced by many things.

To acquire a suitable condominium, you need the right tools to help you in your search. The internet, real estate agent and financing are what you require.

The internet will help with the condominium search; the real estate agent will provide you with expert advice on top of helping you to search for condominiums in your area of interest. You need financing if you are not paying in cash for the condominium.

An important thing to consider before buying a condominium is how far it is from social amenities like schools, hospitals, commuter rail, shopping malls and entertainment spots. How far these amenities are has an impact on costs incurred on fuel. A potential condominium owner will take into consideration how far a condominium is from good schools.

Price is an important factor when buying a condominium. Everyone has a tendency to try and save as much as possible The resale value of the property is important as much as we want to buy cheap because you might want to sell the property in the future. In regard to price, just ensure you get value for the money you pay.

Another thing to consider is taxes charged on condominium in different locations. With time, lower taxes will help you make major savings. After deciding on the condominium you want to buy, check online for property tax records of the complex. With this information, you are able to tell how many units are owner occupied and you are also able to see how the taxes have been for the last few years.

You need to check for deferred maintenance before buying a condominium. This is done by driving through the condominium complex and nearby areas. If the complex and the nearby areas look as if maintenance is deferred, you can cross this off your list.

Have the real estate agent find out if there are any recent or upcoming assessments after finding the condominium you are interested in. Are there major renovations that are not covered by the home owner’s association fees? This information will help you determine whether buying a condominium in the area is a smart choice.

The rules and regulation set up by the home owners association is another important factor to take into consideration. Are pets allowed? Are you entitled to a parking spot? Will you have a separate water bill?

The rental price in the area is an important consideration for a condominium to be used as a rental property. The purchase price and the rental income will be compared to determine whether it makes economic sense to purchase the condominium. One advantage of having a condominium as a rental property is that the exterior maintenance is taken care for you.

Is there a community news letter? Familiarize yourself with it. By reading the newsletter you will be able to know whether you will feel at home in that place.

Finding the right condominium has been made easy by this information.

Capitalisation Rate In Real Estate And How To Calculate It

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Capitalisation rate is the percentage figure used to find out the current value of a property based on a figure of future net operating income. When divided with the capitalization rate, the net operating income of a real estate property will provide the approximate market value of the property.

When determining the capitalization rate of a property, the rates applied to real estate properties of the same nature sold most recently is used. When determining the capitalization rate, the sales value of an asset sold most recently is divided by the income it generates decisions. This provides a more objective way of valuing real estate properties which can be used not only by the seller but also by the buyer alike. It will assist the seller get the right piece for his investment while the buyer prospective buyer will use it to make informed decisions as to whether or not the value of the property is properly estimated.
This acts as a good base for estimating the value of income generating real estate properties when buying or selling. By looking at the sales price and income of other related properties located in similar environment, you can come up with an acceptable capitalization rate that will enable you determine the value of your asset based on the current income.

Determining the capitalization rate need not be an arduous task. You can start by collecting the statistics of recently sold properties in similar or the same locations as your property. The chosen property should correspond with that of your property. You need to determine with high degree of accuracy the net realizable rentals by the owners of the property. For instance, you can take the net rental income realized by the owners to be $30000.Get the sale price of the asset and divide the net income by the sales price. This will give you the capitalization rate. If in this case the property was sold at $900000,you have it divide by the net income of $30000,the resulting figure will be 0.33.Then convert this figure to percentage points by multiplying it by 100.This will give you a capitalization rate of 3 percent.

Capitalisation rate have become a great help to the owners of property owners who have the intention of selling them. Without capitalisation rate, it would be hard to value real estate assets. Many people would be deceived to accept lower prices by the buyers of the same properties. Since you will use other properties that are independent from yours when working out the capitalization rate, you will be assured of a better return when you finally decide to dispose your property. The determination of this rate need not be a headache. The procedure is quite simple. Get the net income of a real estate property sold in recent times and divide it with the sales value. Then you convert the figure obtained to percentage form. This figure will aid you in working out the real market value of your asset.

Condominiums of Todays Trends

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Condominiums are some of the most popular types of housings in Philippine market due to its benefits which conform in todays modern trends. So what are the benefits or advantages of living in a condominium unit?

Different Types of Condominiums
There are currently two types of condominiums in the Philippines, the typical condominiums mostly found in the city, such as the many Metro manila condominiums, and condominiums found in the outskirts or even in the provinces, which are known as condominium complexes.

The main factor which made most condominiums in the city popular is because of its location. Most of these types of housings are strategically found in business and commercial district, such as those found in Makati City and many other major cities in Metro Manila.

Because of its location, residents can enjoy the luxury of living within walking distance or mass transit distance from their workplaces, allowing them to avoid the usual hassles of rush hour. Its location is also within reach of popular entertainment places such as malls and “hang-out” places.

Condominium complexes, on the other hand, are found far from these places. Most condominium complexes are found in the outskirts, while some are even found in the provinces. These types of condominiums aim to provide a more family-oriented environment for Filipino families compared to Metro manila condominiums.

Because of its location, condominium complexes can offer a more peaceful and quieter environment compared to that of the city. Condominium complexes can also offer the wide open space that growing children require for playing. However, what made condominium complexes more popular is with its amenities.

Other than its family-oriented location and environment, condominium complexes are also known for its amenities such as its own swimming pools, gyms, recreational parks, playgrounds, as well as a full-size sports complex complete with basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton courts. Because of this, condominium complexes became one of the best types of modern housing for modern Filipino families.

However, other than condominium complexes, a number of condominiums in the city are also known to offer their own amenities. Some of the oldest Metro manila condominiums offer gyms as their amenities. Today, many new condominiums in the city can now offer their own indoor swimming pools and sports complexes for the enjoyment of their residents.

Building A Hydrogen Home Heating System

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There exist dozens of companies online that sell Hydrogen HHU Plans. Like most things you will find online, some plans are good and others are not-so good. Finding the best place for Hydrogen HHU Plans can be a challenge. When deciding on the best place to purchase a set of Hydrogen HHU Plans one must consider the following things.

Website Reputation

Before you decide where to download your PDF of Hydrogen HHU Plans, you must evaluate the reputation of the seller. Have they been in business for years or are they basically taking advantage of the next new fad and hopping on the moneywagon.

Product Catalog

Make a point to check out their entire offering of items available. Do they sell other HHO items or do they sell nothing but Browns Gas HHU Plans? A place with a complete catalog of products related to Browns Gas production could be the intelligent choice because this site must have the experience and expertise to answer questions and pull you across the difficult spots and there will be difficult spots.

Contact Info

It always confounds me that surfers will easily do business with a website that cloaks their contact details from public access. Not only do some locations not post contact information in an accessable sopt on their sales page, but some actually obscure their registration details. The question that shoppers may ask is: If they obscure the contact details, what more are they hiding?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Any honest group will honor a money back guarantee. If they are not satisfied that you will be satisfied with their download enough to stand behind their download by countering risk, how confident will people be if you buy a collection of Hydrogen HHU plans only to discover that you have been swindled with no way to recover your money?

If you follow these four simple qualification criteria in any search for Hydrogen HHU Plans, shoppers will find a group that not only provides the highest quality Browns Gas HHU Plans, but you are assured that you will be provided guidance and contact after the transaction and you will feel good knowing that should the Browns Gas HHU Plans not meet your expectations you can quickly receive a full and courteous refund.

The concept of leveraging the power of normal water to produce heat for your indoor space in a new way is understandably remarkable. Explore the possibilities of nearly eliminating your seasonal heating outlay by using the same amount of electricity used by a personal computer to convert plain tap water to its basic elements, hydrogen and oxygen. And think of burning those gasses to produce clean, non-toxic and efficient heat. All of this can be done for pennies a day. It is good for the pocketbook and it is good for the planet.

More information about using hydrogen to heat your home can be found here: Hydrogen HHU Plans

Be safe, be green and be warm. Above all, do ample research before you purchase any Hydrogen HHU Plans. In the long you will get higher quality Hydrogen HHU Plans and you will feel better knowing that you are doing business with a reputable company that supports their customers and stand behind their products.

Future of Medical Transcription in India

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In a country like India, where every second person aspires to be either an engineer or a doctor, it is no surprise that Medical Transcription is fast becoming one of the most sought after jobs in the BPO sector. A multibillion-dollar industry in America, Medical Transcription companies are now looking to India to outsource their services. Medical Transcription India is growing at an exponential rate.

What exactly is Medical Transcription? It is the process of converting a consultation with a doctor into a text format. When we visit a doctor we usually spend the first few minutes discussing our symptoms and problems. This is followed by questions about our medical history, an examination, and a prescription for tests or a secondary consultation if required. After the doctor has collected all the information he needs, he prescribes medication along with instructions for its use. After this, the doctor records the entire visit on voice recording machine, which is then converted into a word document by a medical transcriptionist and stored.

Major hospitals are now adopting this process in order to keep up with the changing times and provide their patients with the best health care available. However, the exercise of converting a voice file into text format is tedious and requires high level of expertise. A medical transcriptionist requires having in depth knowledge of advanced medical terms and language and having a minimum amount of experience in transcribing the likes of discharge summaries, health exams, etc. They must possess higher than average typing skills and should be affluent in the language in which the transcripts are being recorded.

These days’ hospitals are looking to outsource the job of Medical transcriptionists for a number of reasons. Most hospitals find it cost effective to outsource the job to companies in and outside their country. Outsourcing ensures better accessibility, superior quality and leverages on the industry’s experience. It reduces the capital investment for them and allows them use their resources to focus on their core competencies. India is fast becoming the go-to place for medical transcription.

India has abundant cheap labor possessing the skills to become a medical transcriptionist. The average salary of a medical transcriptionist in U.S.A. is around $33,000 p.a. whereas in India the average salary is Rs. 360,000, which is approximately $8,000 p.a. As a result, they are able to cut major costs while ensuring quality. Further, due to the time zone advantage companies here are able to send reports back overnight, making it the fastest turnover rate in the industry. The U.S. suffers from high attrition rates, and so outsourcing is the perfect solution to ensure high employee turnover doesn’t affect the hospitals. Seasonal fluctuations often result in an increase in number of patients during the winters occur in cold countries. There is an acute lack of available staff during major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Outsourcing the job to India easily solves these problems.

Medical Transcription requires the skill and intellect of human beings and so has inherent defects. If the transcriptionist were to record a symptom or diagnosis incorrectly it could harm the patient’s wellbeing. Sometimes the recording might not be clear as doctors are in rush and may fail to include vital information or provide information in a coherent manner. Further accents, mispronunciations and slag’s make it difficult for a transcriptionist from another country to fully comprehend what the doctor is saying. Such obstacles are yet to be over come in this field in India and world over.

With the help of the IT sector doctors are now able to convert cabinets full of patient data into word documents properly archived on a single desktop. These word documents can be printed out as and when required. Medical Transcriptions help hospitals maintain patient records for up to years and store them in a systematic and easily accessible environment and format. Medical Transcription in India is booming and as a result has opened up jobs to millions of people wanting to be part of the medical field. Many universities are now offering specialized courses and on the job training for young students to help them enter and successfully grow in this industry. India possesses all the advantages and skill to become one of the best providers of this service in the world. By ironing out a few irregularities India can soon look to become the premier play of this industry.

Lean To Shed Plans And Building Tips

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For someone like me who is still sort of a beginner when it comes to do it yourself projects, lean to shed plans are essential for building a lean to shed. I can even build a decent shed with a great set of plans … and at a very reasonable cost. I would like to discuss some great tips as to why a lean to shed might be the best option for.

(1) The first tip is cost. The great thing about a lean to shed is it only has 3 sides. That alone will make it cheaper than building a regular 4-sided shed. Whatever you decide to use your 3 sided lean to shed for, such as for providing shelter to livestock or storing firewood means you do not have to worry too much about how pretty it needs to look.

For those reasons, you can use free and used wood. If you are using the shed for livestock, the 3 sides will provide natural ventilation which can keep disease from spreading. If you are using the shed to store firewood, then your wood will dry faster for good use in the winter.

(2) Another think you should know is you really only have 2 choices for how you want to lean your shed. You may have the inclination to lean the shed against your home or a building or barn, in which case you may be a bit more concerned about how it looks. Or the shed can be free standing for the protection of livestock in which case you probably won’t care how it looks.

(3) A really good 3rd tip is you can use free or recycled materials and wood you may just have laying around. You can even use cheap or used pallet for the floor only to ensure that whatever you are storing is kept off the ground and dry. With the shed out in the field for cattle you need not worry too much about a floor.

These are some great tips to consider when thinking about building a lean to shed but you will need to get a hold of some really good lean to shed plans to go with these tips. A friend of mine used a great set of Cradle Plans to build a baby cradle from a huge library of premium plans, and check the same library for a good set of lean to shed plans.

The Necessities Of Living In A Condominium

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According to many Filipinos, condominiums have become one of the most popular types of housing in today’s modern age. It is also considered by many Filipinos as some of the most modern types of housing. This is because of its benefits in which Filipinos can take advantage of. One of the most notable benefit of living in a condominium is with its location.

Benefits of locations

Condominiums Most condominiums are found in business and commercial districts, which are normally made up of high-rising buildings, and many of these condominiums may even look like an office building. Because these, many Filipinos found these types of housing suitable for their needs, particularly for their fast-pace lifestyles.

Being in the heart of the busiest districts in the Philippines, residents were given the luxury of living within walking distance or mass transit distance to their workplaces, allowing its residents to avoid the hassles of rush hour.

Although found in the busiest location, these condo manila can still offer the privacy and peace that residents are looking for in a home. However, other than in these locations, a number of new condominiums were also introduced in the Philippines which aims to provide a more relaxing and quiet environment compared in the city. These types of condominiums are known as condominium complexes.

Condominium complexes These new types of condominiums are different from the typical condominiums found in the city, such as the many condo manila. Most of these condominiums are normally found in wide open spaces or in private complexes. What made these types of condominiums popular among many Filipinos is its family-oriented environment.

Most condominium complexes are found in the outskirts, or even in provincial areas. This seclusion made it suitable for many Filipino families, allowing their children to play and grow safely within the confines of their condominium complex.

The disadvantage of these types of condominiums compared to the many condominiuims in the city, such as condo manila, is its location, which is far from workplaces. This made it harder for residents to get back to the city. However, there are several advantages to living in a condominium complex compared to condominiums in the city, such as its amenities.

Advantage of amenities In addition to its family-oriented environment, condominium complexes are also known for its amenities including swimming pools, gyms, recreational parks and playgrounds. This advantage allowed its residents to have their relaxation after a hard and busy day at work.

Disadvantages of condominiums There are, however, a number of disadvantages of living in a condominium. One main disadvantage of condominiums is its expensiveness, even with condominium complexes. This is the reason why many Filipinos can’t afford to live in a condominium unit.

Another disadvantage of many condominiums is its condominium fees or condo fees. These fees are paid for the maintenance of all facilities found in the condo. And according to many Filipinos, the many facilities are found in the condominium, the larger its fees, which is why condo fees in condominium complexes complete are normally larger compared to any other condominiums.For more information visit to our site at

Menorca Real Estate Prices Set For A Price Crash

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A sunshine Spanish Mediterranean holiday home for many Europeans, but especially the British, has been an aspiration achieved by many since the early 1980’s, when the UK allowed the free flow of capital, and property price gains allowed many to sell up in Britain and move to Spain and her islands – Menorca for example.

A slow down of Brits buying abroad happened in the early 90’s when recession hit the country, but overall the pace of number of people buying a home and often buying a business too has been relentless.

And with a growing number of British moving abroad, the UK’s financial infrastructure followed them, with British banks setting up branches in Spain and the Spanish islands like Menorca (ironically some of the British banks have now been taken over by Spanish ones), mortgage companies tailoring products for overseas home purchase,low cost airlines providing flights to Menorca and insurance companies offering building and contents cover.

For many of the British buying in Spain, it was like Britain with sunshine.

But times have changed, Spain is flooded with unsold brand new and re-sale properties, and property prices have crashed. In Britian property prices have dropped and are expected to fall further for the next year or more.

Confidence is low – unemployment in the UK is expected to hit 3 million before it peaks, and people with some money who might ordinarily have considered buying a property abroad are often keeping it in assets where the money is easily accessible – something it’s not when tied up in a property during a recession.

And of course the financial infrastructure that supported the British buying homes and businesses in Spain and her islands is in full retreat. The banks who were lending money readily to Brits moving abroad aren’t lending much, and many of them have been bailed out with taxpayers’ money – overall a dismal picture of a once flourishing overseas property market.

So, is now a good time to buy in Spain and her islands? If you’ve always fancied an apartment or villa in glorious Menorca – is this the time to take the plunge?

Part of that answer depends upon your individual financial circumstances, but if you need to borrow to buy a second home, and if you need income from holiday rentals to sustain your new Menorca property…halve the figure you think you might achieve and re-calculate to get closer to what you might realistically get from renting out to those taking Menorca holidays in today’s market.

But if you have a surplus of cash and are ready to buy a property in Menorca – is now a good time to buy?

There’s a property glut in Spain. If property was water, Spain and her islands would be renamed Atlantis. Developers and private owners alike are more than keen to sell, and anyone who is a cash buyer won’t have to wait long before they see a bargain. But don’t necessarily buy the first property you like that seems good value.

Draw up a list of say three or four apartments or villas you have viewed and liked and put in an offer of around sixty per cent of the already discounted price, starting with your favourite one, telling the owners that the offer remains good for two weeks, and at that time you will look elsewhere. Within a couple of months you, perhaps even weeks, you could have the property you want at an amazing price, even if the owners come back with a counter offer.

One bit of advice from UK based Tribune Properties is to avoid buying a brand new property.

‘Only buy a new property in Menorca if you’re absolutely certain that the developer has the funds to finish off a development and the promised infrastructure that goes with the new development…and even then only spend what you can afford to lose. Guarantees are often useless if a developer goes bust. And just don’t buy a property under construction – the development could be mothballed for years to come – along with any deposits and staged payments already paid by a buyer.’

Their final bit of advice is not good news for Menorca property developers either, or for private re-sales.

‘If you can hold on a few months, you might find even better bargains than there are now in the autumn when the same owners who are selling now have failed to find a buyer, and at the end of the holidays season owners might be prepared to listen to offers in the hope of finally selling their Menorca property.’